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your Inner world?

 Veronica's E-School - School for Inner Exploration

The e-school program


The E-SCHOOL Program


E-School is an ongoing 12 months online school for sensitive, emotional rich creatives -

who want to explore and research the life within themselves,

who want to look at their emotions and integrate their emotional richness into their lives,
who seek self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-realization.



Our emotions are our biggest asset. Even though most of the people, societies, the business world, the school systems, the "health" systems, well, let's say, the entire freaking world sees emotions as a weakness resp. is actually scared as shit of them, our emotions are e.s.s.e.n.t.i.a.l. for our human existence.


To put it simply:
Emotions are our Guiding System.


The communication system with which the life within us, is communicating with us.

The Inner World communicates with the Outer World.

The Unique Spark of Life within us communicating with us as human being.


With our emotions we shape, create and live our human lives.

With our emotions we navigate through this world.
We feel hungry. So we eat.
We feel tired. So we go to sleep (well, most of the times ;-))
We feel happy. So we smile.
We're pissed off. So we vent.

They way we feel, determines the quality of our life.
Are we aligned with our Unique Spark of Life, we feel good and our life experience is great.
Aren't we aligned with our Unique Spark of Life, we feel awful and our life experience is shitty.

So, our emotions ARE of utmost importance.

But. As emotions are related to the feminine and the feminine is devalued and depreciated on ALL levels in every corner of this human world, this physical human world ended up, devaluating emotions. And somehow we all ended up having a very, very, really very strange relationship with our emotions.


And oh boy, how the world looks at you, if you actually dare to be emotional. Pff. You are immediately looked as a freak - pah! - as someone who isn't in control of anything - pff! - as a case for the shrink - really?!
Even though: emotions = the language of the life within you = life itself.

Life literally freaks the entire world out. Pah.

  And so, being emotional = being alive is definitely seen as a negative personal trait.

Well. Let me tell you: We NEED our emotions.
Our emotions give us the possibility of CHOOSING. Our emotions ALLOW us to decide. Of being human. Of wanting to live. Of turning right or left. It's with
 our emotions we become human, warm, tangible. But. Emotions are like an ocean. In order to navigate the best within those waters, you better learn how to sail, how to read the stars, how to take care of your boat, etc. Only if the sailor has a relationship with the ocean, with the waters, with the currents, with the winds, with the animals, with the stars - is responsible - his journey will be enjoyable. Otherwise he soon will be seen the world from the bottom up.


The same goes with our emotions. Only if we have a living relationship with our emotions we actually live a good live. And so, E-School is like a GPS, a road map with lots, lots, really lots of pictures from all those amazing places in the world and lots, lots, really lots of travel tips for your personal travels. And while you are traveling your Inner World and exploring all the different corners of those inner universes, E-School provides you a safe, clear and structured environment with lots and lots and really lots of guidance. With E-School you will for the first time be able to LOOK at your emotions - yep - to have CLEAR words for that specific emotional state of yours - si, si - and with E-School you will also finally being able to TRANSFORM your unchartered emotional terrain into a clear, safe and solid Inner Space and use it as the valuable Guiding System it is - once forged obviously.


E-School is an online school based on self-selection, that is non-intrusive
and which is in touch with the soul and the Inner World.

Integrating one of your biggest assets into your life,
anchors emotional stability and develops a solid, non-judgmental
relationship with your emotions which enhances the quality of your life 
on ALL levels.

Connecting with your emotions
is the key of becoming master of your life -
actually the key to life itself.




Who is the Program for?

So, so many of us have forgotten who we really are. So, so many of us have come forth into this physical realm and forgotten what we came to do down here. So, so many of us are lost, hurt and misunderstood.

And have retrieved from society and its lifeless demands.


And though so beautiful, so unique, so gifted, so rich within we are, the world taught us differently. 


We do not fit in.

We are different.

We are called difficult.

We are called irritating.

We are too much for the world.

They say.


 And we closed doors to essential areas within us.

And we forgot about the exquisite jewels within us.

And we chose adaption in order to survive.


Or we went berserk. Lost ourselves to the streams within and around us. Gave away our power. Became a puppet of the shadows. A lifeless puppet. Or slaves to our demons.


Either way.

It's time to remember who you are.
It's time to explore who you are.

It's time to become clear.
It's time to expand your life.

It's time to live who you really are.

The world needs you -
blossomed and using your gifts to the fullest.



Whether you want to explore the life within you, expand your life to the fullest potential, want to remember who you are, want to explore your your emotions, research your Inner World, establish a solid relationship with yourself or just want to learn more about yourself in a unique and creative way, E-School will help you:

  • Find a gentle, playful, beautiful and colorful path within

  • Explore your emotions and your Inner World
    in a safe, clear and structured way

  • Transform confusion into clarity

  • Reshape your emotional state

  • Unfold your emotional richness and creativity

  • Anchor emotional stability into your life


  • Create a reliable relationship with your own awareness

  • Integrate a sense of safety and clarity

  • Develop a solid, non-judgmental relationship with your emotions and yourself

  • Explore and integrate creativity into your life

  • Enhance your ability to act

  • Experience an improvement of quality of life


Going within and taking care of our Inner Mechanism has become a must in order to have a stable, healthy and full filled life.

Meditation, but also Art, Sport, Yoga, Dance, Therapy, Journaling, Ashram, Walking, Hiking, Gardening, Baking, Cooking... etc. are known to be used as ways to connect with our Inner World.

Many of the above mentioned ways focus primarily on the physical and do not include all the other realms consciously. The human being and experience though consists of MORE than the physical.

Actually the most important things in our lives happen NOT in the physical. The thoughts that we think. The emotions we feel. The dreams that we have. The future we long for. The physical is more a platform where we humans experience ALL the other realms, and where the invisible becomes tangible.


At E-School we make the invisible visible. E-School approaches the Inner World by focusing on the more subtle layers and by using  art - colors, paint, canvas and words - we are able to connect to higher levels of consciousness and make that connection visible and to include ALL layers of human beingness:


1. the physical = our human body
2. the psychological = our mind body
3. the emotional = our emotional body
4. the energetic = our energy body
5. the etherial = our etheric body


At E-School the physical realm is seen as as a tool workshop, where creativity is the tool to experience what is within us. That tangibility makes the exploration,  research AND reshape of the invisible Inner World a tangible possibility and reality PLUS we're having fun at the same time ;-)



E-School is for sensitive, emotional rich and creative
who want to explore the life within themselves
and fully blossom into who they really are.