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how E-School works?

Veronica's E-School - School for Inner Exploration

how it works


The Program is Online -
learn in an environment of your choice


All of the training is online, listed in the private E-School online member site.
Students can view the monthly training modules plus both libraries 24/7 in the environment of their choice.



The monthly released new module, plus the ongoing growing online library, where all the former modules are listed, plus the emergency kit library with 24 modules with over 200 paintings and its translations plus all the exclusive bonuses are within the online member portal.


Learn at your own pace -
in the environment of your choice
and yes, sometimes the breakfast table is that place ;-)

Learning should be easy.
Learning should be fun.
Learning should be beautiful.
Learning should be individual.


And knowledge should be a.l.w.a.y.s. available.

At E-School we believe that every human being has its own unique way to learn, to grow, to expand.
And no one has the right to tell anyone when, where and how that learning should happen.

Therefore, at E-School knowledge - is wherever you are on the globe - always 24/7 available.
Actually, we believe that NOT making knowledge 24/7 available,
is a crime against life itself.

So. Every soul on this planet can join E-School whenever she feels she is ready.
No "enroll now, cause we only open once a year". Pff.
You want to enroll now. You enroll now.
You don't want to enroll now. You don't entroll now.
But E-School will have her doors open, always.

So as a student you can go through the material on your own schedule,
choose to work with the monthly released module with its exercises for each week and/or
choose the module which calls you with its colors from the online library or from the emergency kit library

and go at your very own pace. We will give some recommendations on how to proceed with the material, but it's YOU who chooses how to approach the material, the pace, the intensity, the depth, the time.


So if you are in a full- or part-time job, or a student, or a mama, or a traveler
or a fakir sitting on your 
beds of nails, you choose and arrange your studying time, in the environment that suits you the best - E-School not only provides you with this flexibility, E-School encourages you to do that.


For the best results we recommend and encourage to start with the «Getting ready for E-School»-Module, where we guide you to create - amongst many other beautiful things - a safe space where you can sit and have space to write, paint, draw, etc. It shall be a place where you feel comfortable and loved and beautiful. Exploring the Inner World should be fun and playful and beautiful on ALL levels :-)


Further, you're an E-Schooler for life.
All students have access to the emergency kit library with its 24 modules
with its over 200 paintings and their translations for as long as the program exists. And, two times a year we list some awesome and exclusive bonuses on the emergency kit library - so that you really, really, really really have always THE material you need for your inner explorations.

So wherever you are enrolled or not anymore, you will always have access to a very valuable and abundant library with many, really really many paintings and translations you can consult whenever
you need support and clarity.


How much time you'll need

E-School is an ongoing 12 months online school and gym.
We recommend 2 - 4 hours per week to work with the monthly released material. 


One E-School enrollment lasts 12 months, where every 1st of the month a new module is released. As every module is complete within itself, you never fall behind.

For your weekly time planning we recommend 2 - 4 hours per week to work with the monthly released material, where you 
will work with the paintings, dive into the colors, layers and its landscapes and let the translation sink in. The added in depths translations of the editions are meant as an inspiration and support.


But depending on how much time you want to invest in the creative expression the exercises will invite you, and in case you also choose to work with the material available in both libraries you can spend 1 hour per week or 8 hours per day ;-)


Through the art made available at E-School you will be able to find a gentle, beautiful and colorful path within you. You will be invited to contemplate, sense, feel, write, paint, draw, dance, cook, bake, garden, clean... or just be. Whatever is right for you, the way we designed E-School is to support you on your individual journey. The exercises and the paintings will encourage you to express whatever you feel in any - creative - form of expression that suits you. Sometimes a tantrum is what is best suited. Sometimes cleaning the windows might be the right thing to do. And sometimes binge watching Bollywood movies and hopping through your home it is ;-)



 's Seven Pillars
for Your Unique Blossoming



E-School's seven pillars have been installed to provide you with the best, the most beautiful, most soulful
as well as a safe and clear space to
 explore your unique Inner World - to actually look at your inner landscapes, to read about those corners of your Inner World, to remember and become who you really are.


Clarity. Devotion. Guidance. Creativity. Beauty. Responsibility. Support.


Your Inner World is unique, with a worldwide one of a kind landscapes. No one on Earth, actually no one in the entire Universe has the same inner map as you. If you have reached the point, where you long to explore and research the life within you and long for self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-realization,
E-School is the right place to be.




At E-School we consider clarity as one of the highest goals in life and THE state of being. It's no coincidence that our slogan is «Explore your emotions. Become clear. Expand your life.»

Without clarity, confusion exists. And where confusion is, manipulation, abuse, slavery, being lost, foggy existences and more bullshit happensWithout clarity we can't expand and therefore our live energies are wasted, as life itself is expansion. And so, creating and holding a clear, transparent and safe space has been our first priority at E-School: CLARITY was installed as the first pillar of E-School.


To fully surrender to all that is. To see what wants to be seen. To feel what wants to be felt. To speak what wants to be spoken. To express what wants to be expressed. To fully be what is, in order to expand to what wants to be. Devotion. Becoming one with the stream of life. This is how Veronica is. And this is how every single painting and its translation at E-School is born. And so, DEVOTION was installed  as the second pillar of E-School.


The Inner World is huge - a never ending, forever expanding Universe. In order to not get lost in that vast abundance and to actually being able to research and explore the Inner World Veronica uses art. With art Veronica connects to higher levels of consciousness, which allow her to bring forth a visible, tangible section of the Inner World by using paint and colors and where she is able to translate the colors in beautiful, clear and in depths words.  To make sure that what she is bringing forth is without impurities, an extensive preparation takes places: blessing, journaling, meditating, exercising, dancing, praying and inviting her non-physical team before, while and after an edition is born. And so, GUIDANCE was installed as the third pillar of E-School.


At E-School we understand life as energy, pure creative energy. Creativity is for us the natural order of life. Expressing creativity is expressing the life within and around us. At E-School creativity is used to literally create every single piece of the E-School material. Every single edition - paintings and their translations - is a pure expression of creativity: pure creative energy made visible as colorful paintings and beautiful poems. Opening up and devoting ourselves to the creative force means opening up to the divine source itself - and we who have been created become the creators.


Life = Pure Creative Energy = Creative Force = Creativity = Life = Movement = Flowing Current = Expansion = God = Source Energy = Expanding Consciousness = Life


And so, CREATIVITY has been installed as the forth pillar of E-School. 

The human world is harsh. And most of it has nothing to do what life actually is, with what the Creative Source, with what that pure creative energy, with what Source Energy really is. That sweetness, that juiciness, that joyfulness, that opulent abundance, that clarity, that flow, that alignement, that awareness, that unity with all that is... ah, beauty is such a tasty, nourishing energy. And very rare in this world. And so, we want to be E-School a beautiful place. Beautiful colors, beautiful art, beautiful words, beautiful pictures. You shall bath in beauty here at E-School ;-) 
The paintings, the opulent layers of paint, the translated words, the energy... Beauty, you shall you see here. Beauty, you shall read here. By beauty, you shall be surrounded at E-School. So that the beauty of life may touch your being. And so, BEAUTY was installed as the fifth pillar of E-School.

The ability to respond. Actually, your ability to respond. So simple. And yet, responsibility has become one of the most misunderstood, misused and abused terms.


We have been taught to respond to everybody around us - the entire society system is based on responding to others. But woe to the one who dares to respond to him- or herself. You suddenly become a problem for the world. Pfff.


Here at E-School we live and work differently. E-School is an online school based on self-selection that is non-intrusive for the soul. At E-School you choose the colors that are calling you. We are offering you a diverse selection of paintings and colors, but it's you who selects the one you want to work with. 


Our job is to offer you as many as possible tools to explore, research, respond to your Inner World. Therefore we built the core structure the way it is: An ongoing online school with a new module every month. An ongoing growing online library with all the former modules. An online emergency kit library, with yearly updates and life time access to it. 


Our job is to help you to respond to the life within you - in a safe, clear and supportive environ-ment. Your job will be to choose from the offered material and to respond to it. And how you choose to respond is 100% up to you - and whatever you choose is 100% ok. That's the beauty of it. There is no right or wrong. There is only you, and you are 100% ok  


And so, RESPONSIBILITY has been installed as the sixth pillar of E-School.


The human world is a harsh place for us sensitive, creative and emotional rich souls. So beautiful, so unique, so gifted, so rich within we are, the world taught us differently. And we closed doors to essential areas within us. And we forgot about the gorgeous jewels within us. And we chose adaption in order to surviveOr we went berserk. Lost ourselves to the streams within and around us. 


Either way. It's time to remember who we are. It's time that we bring forth our essence into this world. 

Shifts are happening. Fundamental shifts. Groundbreaking shifts. And your unique gifts are needed. You are needed.


And so E-School was conceived, born, created and developed to support. To support sensitive, creative and emotional rich souls who long for self-knowledge, self-realization, to explore the life within themselves, who desire to research and integrate their emotional richness and who are yearning to fully blossom into who they really are.

And so, SUPPORT has become the seventh pillar of E-School.