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«insights from 
the inner world»?

(hereinafter "insights")


Insights is a 12 months ongoing subscription online program meant for all who want to be powerfully supported on their Inner Journey and receive on a monthly base powerful clarity, mind-boggling wisdom and colorful insights from the Inner World and its unique Inner Landscapes in form of an Inner World Artwork and its written transcription - specific selected/painted and transcribed for the actual month.


Insights's goal is to support you on your Inner Journey and to connect you on a regular base with the Inner World in a safe, gentle, beautiful and nourishing way so that you can accelerate your unique Self-Discovery Journey.


Insights is also the essence of eight and a half years of intense living & extensive exploration and research of the Inner World, now culminating into this beautiful, one of a kind subscription program at E-School's - The Journey to your Inner Self - my online school for exploring, researching and recovering the Inner World.




I dive for the actual month into the Inner World and I'll select/paint and transcribe a specific Inner World Artwork relevant for that specific month.


All material at Insights is made available at the password Protected Member Area. As a subscriber you will receive every 1st of each month at 20 h Zürich Time of your subscription year an email with the link and the new password for the member area where you'll have direct access to the Monthly Inner World Insight Package which includes the following:


 1 Monthly Inner World Artwork

 plus the Written Transcription of the Inner World Artwork in form of a Poem (at least 1 A4 page)

 plus 1 PDF for downloading (Each PDF = Monthly Inner World Artwork + its Transcription)


Each Monthly Inner World Insight Package is available for an entire month. Every 1st of each month 19 - 20 h Zürich Time of your subscription year a new Inner World Artwork replaces the "old" one. However, every Monthly Package can be downloaded.


This online program ends after 12 months. If you want to continue with the program you can renew your subscription after the expiration - you can do this here on this site or with the link you'll receive per email at the end of your subscription year.


Insights's fee is one payment of $11'111 giving you unlimited access to the material for the period of 12 months.

who SHOULD take

Insights is for the courageous, unique, intuitive women and men who know the importance and the value of Inner Work. They long for more information, more material, more knowledge, more clarity to support their unique Inner Journey in a nourishing, fun and beautiful way. They long to reach more unknown Inner Areas, accelerate their Inner Journey and expand even more more into who they really are.


Insights is for the independent, free-thinking women and men who have come to learn the value of their time and energies. They have learnt to take care of themselves, have organized their life in a way that supports them. They disapproves of everything that holds them back and makes their life complicated. They therefore love the Internet and the endless possibilities it offers. Having immediate access to knowledge is for them one of the greatest blessings of this time-space-reality.


Insights is for the women and men who love colors & art and, who have a natural approach to creativity & beauty. They are aesthete and intuitive and they have a natural approach to self-care. They are intelligent, independent and hungry to learn and explore. They are warm, gentle, strong souls who seek and long to dive deeper into Life and its Mysteries.

online program?


Me, Veronica. I'm the founder and creator of E-school's Online Program Insights and I'll be your guide on this Inner World Tour.


If you choose to dive into the Inner World, you need a good guide. Someone who's actually traveled those lands. Someone who's still traveling those lands. Someone who is right besides you, takes care of the entire journey. Someone who makes you feel safe. Someone who lives what it teaches and teaches what it lives. The Inner World is a sacred place - where only those who want to find themselves and long to blossom into the Essence of who they truly are, shall enter.


And, that's who I am. I've been there. In those Inner Landscapes. I've charted and painted the area. Transcribed those Inner LandscapesAnd, most importantly: Till this day, I'm still chartering, painting and transcribing the Inner World. Every single Inner World Artwork I'm offering at E-School I've traveled, explored and researched. So know what I'm talking about, what I'm doing and offering.


And now I'm ready to take you with me and show you the mind-boggling beauty and clarity of the Inner World. I'm straight forward. And clear. Well organized and structuredBlessed with a gorgeous creativityAnd a unique view and understanding of the Inner WorldBut above all, I'm a full fledged human being fully living my own human life experience in this physical realm. I have my ups and my downs. I love cheese and butter and liver sausageI sleep. And fart. And eat. And laugh. And cry. A lot. Or notI have belly rolls. And very hairy legs if I don't shave themI have curls that I am finally able to fully unleash.


I'm full of Life. And sometimes not. What I say, is what I think. And what I think, is what I sayI am a full fledged Enneagram Type 8 with 7 Wing, the maverick is in my system. And THIS is why I've come into this realmTHIS is why I've been created. And there is only that much time to get the work doneSo I'm going to do my job right.


Now. If what you've read till here doesn't suit you, well, then byeGo bake a cakeOr water your plantsOr punch your pillowOr cuddle with your catOr call your grannyOr clean your toiletOr whateverJust don't be(come) an assholeThat would be a waste of your life energiesAnd pollute the air, the energy field and everything and everybody around you. Yak.


Aaah, but IF it suits you, THEN welcome to my world, be(come) my guest and then my studentAnd then, let's look at the Inner World with its gorgeous Inner Landscapes. And then, may you be touched by the Life within those marvelous paintings. And then, may you receive the blessing of those mind-boggling transcriptions. And then, may your life be transformed.


In the meantime,

may you be blessed,

whatever path you choose,





Insights is officially open 🥳🌟💖🚀 And, the doors stay openThat means, you can subscribe any day, any time 🥳 🎉💪🏻🤗


So. If you want to enroll nowYou enroll nowIf you don't want to enroll nowYou don't enroll nowIf you want to enroll laterYou enroll later. But that disgusting so called "marketing" strategy that uses manipulation to make online courses only at specific times of the year available, well THAT shit ain't happening here. You and I are responsible beings. We don't need anyone to push us into actually taking action. Au contraire! When it feels right, we do it. When it doesn't feel right, we don't do it. And for that we need access to knowledge and content 24/7.



I absolutely believe that NOT making knowledge available for 24/7 is manipulative and disgusting and a crime against humanity and life itselfESPECIALLY in these pandemic, world war shitty times with almost the entire world having access to InternetTherefore. The doors at Insights stay open. Just give me 48 hours to process your enrollment - thank you.  



If you want to enroll, you click either here or on the «Enroll Now»-Button listed after each chapter or you scroll all the way down of this page and click there  on the payment button. There you will be redirected to the payment interface where you safely can pay Insights yearly subscription fee of $11'111 with your credit card or PayPal.


After you clicked on that  payment button, please allow 48h to process your registration. This is a one woman company and so I need time to process your registration. I'm the one at the front but also behind the scenes. I'm also the one creating every single artwork, but also the one checking and managing my emails. I'm also the one writing every single word on this homepage, but also the one doing the book-keeping. I'm also the one writing E-School, but also the one who sees if your payment comes in. 


The reason why I'm a one woman company is that I need time and space to think and feel for myself. And then I need to do and create what I feel is right to do. And what I create are my babies. And I take care of my babies. That's why I'm a one woman company. So when clicking on that  payment button, it's me 🙋🏻‍♀️ a real person behind the scenes and not an automated system or machine that juggles everything. So thank you for allowing 48 hours to process your registration. 


After your payment has been processed, you'll receive an email from meAn email with every single information that you'll need to actually get started with Insights. Like for example the link for the entry door to the online course. Like for example the password which will give you access to the password-protected area here on my homepage.


Ah! And before you enroll: From the moment I'm opening the doors at Insights, the doors stay openThat means, you can subscribe any day, any time. And from the moment you've enrolled, you'll have access for 12 months to the member area and its content. So. If you want to enroll nowYou enroll nowIf you don't want to enroll nowYou don't enroll nowIf you want to enroll laterYou enroll later.


That disgusting manipulative way of making online courses only at specific times of the year available, well THAT shit ain't happening here. You and I are responsible beings. We don't need anyone to push us into actually taking action. Au contraire! When it feels right, we do it. When it doesn't feel right, we don't do it.


I absolutely believe, that NOT making knowledge available for 24/7 is manipulative and disgusting and a crime against humanity and life itselfESPECIALLY in these pandemic, world war shitty times with almost the entire world having access to InternetTherefore, the doors at Insights stay open. Just give me those 48 hours to process your enrollment - thank you. So. This online program is hereI'm hereIt's up to you now, if you're also here 😘



E-SCHOOL'S online program

insights from
the inner world


    12 Months Inner Journey Online Support Program


    incl. 12 Inner World Studies consisting of
12 colorful Inner World Artwork with 12 Transcriptions 
(in Form of Poems)

specially selected/painted/extracted for the current Month


    incl. 12 PDFs for Downloading
(Each PDF = Monthly Inner World Artwork + its Transcription)


    incl. 12 Months Unlimited Access to Member Area


    incl. 14 Days Money Back Guarantee


100% satisfaction guarantee



Your time and money is precious.

My time and money is precious.

So let's use both wisely.




Before you enroll in one of my programs I highly recommend you to sign up for my Explorer Letter. Yes, this course is listed in detail on this page. Yes, I've an opulent homepage with a ton of content so that you really can FEEL who I am and what kind of work I do.


But signing up for my Explorer Letter and experiencing in real life my depth and insights regarding the Inner & Outer World, receiving valuable support for your Inner Journey, experiencing the beauty and wisdom of the Inner World with my Inner World Art, will ensure, that you for sure know, what you're getting when enrolling in this program.

2. after you enroll


If after enrolling in the subscription program and working with the first of twelve monthly Inner World Insights, you feel "argh, nope, this ain't right for me" submit your completed coursework of your first Monthly Inner World Insight within 14 days and I'll refund 100% of your program fee.


I know you'll get wonderful, nourishing benefits from Insights. But hey, if it isn't right for you, it isn't right for youAnd in that case your time and money aren't right here with me. So. Try the Inner World Online Support Program out and if it isn't for you, then nothing is lost. Just pay attention to the deadline. The refund eligibility has a firm deadline.



My job is to bring forth the information from the Inner World into this realm in a tangible way and make that information available to you. And that tangible way happens in a creative process by painting layers of colors (becoming artwork) and transcribing those paintings by writing words and sentences (becoming poems) 🎨🧘🏻📝. This whole process is already wow 🌟💖😲.


But then another level of wow happens when the paintings are seen. Which is the second part of my job - making the information from the Inner World available to you. Along that journey, I very quickly came to experience that the paintings I'm extracting from the Inner World have their own life and speak to the viewer in their very unique way. Something happens between the viewer and the painting(s). And even more happens when they read the information the paintings store within themselves. I call it the 🥳🌟💖🚀😲-WOW! effect. And here is a glimpse  of what people experienced in that moment. You can read more here.


the legal part


As much I love to write, paint, dive into the Inner World, make those one of a kind Inner Dimensions visible and transcribe the most awesome information for you and myself, I also need to put in writing the legal aspects of how you and I are going to work together in the possible near future, IF you decide to enroll in this Online Program - this, besides to all the informations shared here on this page.


This aspect is important as it states and clarifies what actually happens legally if you and I decide to actually exchange goods - in this case, my Online Program Insights versus your money and time including the subscription fee of $11'111. This clarification is important so that you and I not only FEEL but actually ARE safe.


I say it again: Your time and money is preciousMy time and money is preciousSo let's use both wiselySo before you enroll in this Online Program read its Terms & Disclaimer as well as my Online Program Agreement, cause by pushing that  payment buttonyou're confirming that you have read and agree to my Terms & Disclaimers and Online Program Agreement.

 enroll now 


E-School's Online Program «Insights from the Inner World»

   12 months INNER journey ONLINE support PROGRAM

•   INCL. 12 INNER WORLD studies consisting of 12 inner world artwork with 12 Transcriptions
    specially selected/painted/extracted for the current month

•   INCL. 12 PDF for DOWNLOADing





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