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Listen, creating a stable, sane and nourishing life doesn't mean you need to go to a monastery or ashram and let all your earthly belongings behind you. Nor that you need a ton of money or a Porsche in your garage or Gucci bags in your wardrobe.


Creating a nourishing life means taking care of YOUR SELF ✨💪🏻🙋🏻‍♀️ And taking care of your Self means organizing yourself and your everyday life in such a way that everything around you works for YOU, supports YOU – over and over and over again.


Creating a nourishing life means finding a way to balance both sides of you - the physical and the non-physical part of your human life experience. What happens within you shall be reflected in your everyday life and other way round. Sometimes it's changing the job. Sometimes it's reading a book. Sometimes it's changing your bedding. Sometimes it's going for a trip. Sometimes it's surrounding yourself with houseplants. Sometimes it's upgrading your home with useful tools. Sometimes it's ALL of the above mentioned things and more. But above all, creating a nourishing life is a constant work in progress.


As an inspiration here a list of things that I love and enrich my life. I only recommend products I personally use and love and think you'll find useful too. May this shop inspire you to enhance the quality of your own life. And yes, these are affiliate links. Meaning, if you purchase something here through a link, I receive a small commission. There is no additional cost to you and it helps me continue doing the work I love. You win, I win 💖


The Artist's Way

by Julia Cameron

A Course in Discovering and

Recovering your Creative Self


Straight forward:

The BEST book.


This book brings back ALIVENESS into your life - whether you're an actual artist or just having fun with your creativity. This book should be given to ALL kids in school.  Period.


My experience

I wouldn't be where I'm today if I hadn't worked with Julia's book back in 2018. I wouldn't have the guts, tools and courage to use my creativity as base for my online school E-School - The Journey to your Inner Self. It took me 8 months to work on what she says is a 12 week program. But I truly squeezed every single sentence out of it - and holy shit, it was worth it. Look at me today.




Inner Engineering

by Sadhguru

A Yogi's Guide to Joy


Straight forward:

The SECOND best book.


This book brings back JOY into your life. Sadhguru shares in his simple, easy, humorous way what Life really is about. Reading this book will help you reconnect with Life and walk this Earth with more joy and exuberance.


My experience

This book came to me when I was struggling to formulate what I know about Life. Bringing forth an online school about exploring, researching and recovering the Inner Self can easily become an ugly vanity trip. Vanity has been the downfall of humans for eons. Yet Sadhguru's book confirmed what I knew about Life, stripping away all the clouds that where hindering me to see clear and gave me the courage to continue to create my own path. Since then I've been formulating my knowledge about Life down to what now is E-School - The Journey to Your Inner Self. 


Deep Meditation

by Yogani

Pathway to Personal Freedom


Straight forward:

The THIRD best book.


This book brings back PEACE into your life. You want to start meditating?  Then THIS is the book you need. You don't need a course. You don't need an ashram. You don't need a guru nor a teacher nor a therapist. And foremost, you absolutely don't need to spend a ton of money. You just need straight forward information about meditation and easy-to-follow instructions for your daily practice. And that's exactly what this book gives you.


My experience

I wouldn't be able to offer you an online school about exploring, researching and recovering the Inner Self, if I hadn't started to meditate in spring 2018. Simply because I wouldn't have the nourishing stability to access these resources within me AND implement them into my human life experience AND offer them to you. THAT'S how powerful meditation is. 


UMI Luxury Down Duvet

260 x 220 cm

13.5 tog


I've always wanted a huge, luxurious size bedding - and living in cold Switzerland it had to be a down duvet - but heck, the prices and I were never on the same page. So when I found this down duvet on Amazon I felt like hitting the jackpot! Top quality. Super luxurious size (super-kingsize). Gorgeously warm. Feels great. AND, fantastic prize! Thank you Amazon 🥳




Elechomes EC5501

Ultrasonic Humidifier



Great design. Easy handling. Good range (40 - 70m2). Significant better air quality in winter. Happy plants. Good prize. Just cleaning the tank is a bit 😫


Brilliant Anthony LED Lamp

2.4 W

220lm / 3000K


Timeless design. Strong clamp. Great light intensity. I use them to bring light & color in some darker areas of our home. Just the clamp is a bit too strong.

Tipp: use colored paper as lamp shade 


Sakura Cray-Pas

2o Oil Pastels

High Pigmented Oil Pastels


The Original! The Japanese invented the oil pastels back in 1900. Absolutely gorgeous colors. Stunning quality. If you're thinking of trying out oil pastels, start with these. They are my absolute favorites!


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Faber Castell

24 Oil Pastels

Creative Studio Quality


Fantastic quality. Gorgeous colors. Good size box to get started. Plus, an absolutely fantastic prize! After the Sakura Cray-Pas these are my second favorite oil pastels! 


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Expressionist Cray-Pas

25 Oil Pastels

Extra Fine Quality Oil Pastels


If you want more of the Sakura Cray-Pas Oil Pastels and don't mind not having the Japanese Sakura box, the Expressionist box of 25 colors is a great alternative.


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HELIOS Red Light Lamp

300W Targeted Red/Near Infrared


A must have if you're into taking your health into your own hands. Red light is great for any skin issues, helps with chronic pain in muscles, tendons and ligaments and supports the body before & after exercise. After a virus that attacked my joints, an accident that caused a tear to a tendon and an incompetent doctor, my left ankle has been a huge, painful, swollen problem that unabled me to walk for more than six months. After using this Red Light Lamp for two weeks I was able to reduce my chronic pain by 80% and I'm able to move almost normal again. This thing is a miracle!


The Original Bach Flower Wooden Box Set


Another must-must have, if you want to take your health into your own hands, and if you like the individual and personalized approach. The Original and Complete Bach Flower Remedies are a fantastic, soo effective and gentle way to help you support, balance and understand your emotions. We have been able to bring healing in such an easy, effortless AND quick way into areas of our relationship where it seemed absolutely impossible. And Trüffel, our Shichon who is rather disbalanced and anxiety prone, is now a balanced, relaxed and sweet dog. We absolutely LOVE Bachblüten and we can no longer be without!


Heal yourself:

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies

With Symptom Index (in German)

by Dr. Edward Bach


If you decide to embark on the Bach Flower Journey then I highly recommend you this book. It was written by Dr. Edward Bach who "invented" the Bach Flowers - so reading his own thoughts about "his" medicine is wonderful. The book also comes with very good structured, in depth but easy overview of each of the 38 Bach Flowers, which I personally love as I'm an eager student that loves easy accessible and practical knowledge.



Electric Foot Massager

with Heat Function 

Fits Feet up to Size 47 


My time has become very precious to me. So everything I need and want, I try to implement directly into my home and everyday life - WITHOUT having to have any direct contact with the Outer World (thank goodness for the Internet). So in order to help my left ankle which has been a painful, swollen problem for over six months, I was looking for sustainable tools and methods (Thank God for Amazon, cause you find amazing stuff for a reasonable price!). And so I found this wonderful thing. After using this foot massager for five days each session 15 or 30 min., I'm already seeing a decrease of the swelling in my ankle! Plus my over all walking has become sooo much smoother! So if you want  to give yourself a regular foot massage to help reduce tensions in your feet and body or you're looking to help heal some feet issues, I highly recommend trying a foot massager.




Beurer MG 510

To Go Tapping Massager 



Another must-must have, if you want to take your health into your own hands and are not keen of having to leave your home for that, then I highly recommend you acquiring a massage device. There are TONS of different devices and it all depends of what YOU need. This tapping massager is for example a great start as it is not a HUGE investments - nor in money nor in space - and it's actually pretty powerful and handy. You can use it with or without handle! I used to go regularly to a massage therapist. And I always LOVED it, just the whole thing around was quite stressful - the traveling, the waiting room, the taking off the clothes, the redressing, the traveling back home, the paying for the session and having to check my bank account when to book another session. Now I have this miraculous device I can give myself over and over and over a massage, whenever I feel I need one, just for a fraction of what I used to pay for one session at my massage therapist. Yeah!!!




Beurer MG 16

Mini Massager


A fun looking little thing to help sooth some tensions in the body. I use it mainly in the evening as part of my bedtime process and I just love it. It has just the right amount of power to give you some relief and a feeling of SPA. Besides that, it's also fun to use it 🤗


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