I'm Veronica 🙋🏻

 A wonderful vivid human being,

devoted Inner Explorer & Artist -

and Founder of the online self-development school

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I am here to change our relationship with Life.

To help us find our way back to the Source of all.

To fully unfold who we really are.


And therefore traveling, researching and chartering the Inner World is what I do.

The different structures and mechanisms we humans choose fascinates me tremendously.


Cause heck, if we want to be truly alive (and not be a stiffened carrot)

we need to understand WHY WE ARE NOT fully alive

- which interestingly is actually our natural state of being.


So WHAT THE FUCK went wrong down here?!

So THAT'S what I am researching.


If you're also asking yourself the WTF-question,

then welcome to club.


And if you're not only asking yourself THAT question,

but are also interested in the answers,

well, then you're welcome as my guest 

(and perhaps future student?).


So, if you're ready and willing,

hop on the train.


My homepage is a great to place to be.

Start with my Blog.

I do one of a kind work.


And if you long for more,

then I am welcoming you to enroll in my online self-development school

E-School - The Journey to Your Inner Self.

It's a gorgeous place.

Full of colors.

And wisdom.

And beauty.


There, the big stuff happens.


You know, finding the Source of All within you.

Recover those lost Inner Landscapes.

Remember who you really are.

Express your Uniqueness.

Unfold in who you truly are.

And be the blessing you've come to be.


THAT big stuff.

Which freaks most of the people out.


BUT in the meantime, you and I are getting to know each other.

And so in this Blog Post I start a little "oil pastels series" where I focus on some basic knowledge

that I personally find is a must if you want to start your personal Creative Self-Expression journey.


I want you to become KNOWLEDGABLE.

I want you to be able to choose the best tools for your unique self-expression journey.

I am here to give you as much information as possible so that you can actually do it.


So let's get started! 


oil pastels &

creative self-expression



As you might know, I am all about using Art for my Inner Exploration journeys. I find it is the most easiest, the most fun, the most sustainable, the most tangible, the most self-empowering, the most independent AND the most beautiful way to explore who I really am.


I don't need a teacher. I don't need a therapist. I don't need a psychologist. I don't need a psychiatrist. I don't need a coach. I don't need a guru. I don't need a seminar. I don't need a workshop. I don't need a school. I don't need a training institution. I don't need to leave the house. I don't need to pay (huge) hourly rates to anyone. I don't need to pay travel costs. I don't need to pay school/seminar fees. I don't need to waste my precious life time AND energies with non-essentials like traveling time, traveling costs, public transport people, workshop people, seminar people, OTHER people in order to actually get done what needs to get done. The journey within and bringing back precious information.


And looking how the world has developed in the past 1,5 years, well, THIS specific kind of living/approaching life has shown to be very resilient. Ha! 💪🏻🎨🎉🚀😝


With art and creative mediums I don't need to restrain myself AT ALL. I am absolutely free to be creative AND explore and research my Inner Landscapes whenever it feels right, whenever the Life within me WANTS it. I don't need to restrain myself and wait till that specific appointment with that specific therapist (who doesn't get me anyway the way I get myself) that only lasts max. 60 - 90 min. 😤 . With art and its creative mediums I can explore, research, manage and invest my life energies at ITS BEST.


with my creative mediums -


Yes, I am all about being as free as possible. Empowering ME as a human being in ALL possible ways is what I feel is THE most valuable approach I have as a human being in order to give this Life within me the best chances to flourish in the most efficient, most sustainable and the most appreciative way that it's longing for.  And that is what I also want for YOU. And by that, fulfilling properly my deal with the Heavens. Everything is WITHIN me. Everything is within YOU. We both have been given this human body with its human life and it's our job to create a human life worthy of the Life within us.


And, I am all about balance. On my journey to who I really am, I see Inner Exploration as an EQUALLY important part as Self-Expression. Inner Exploration WITHOUT Self-Expression is almost impossible (and vice versa) - IF you are on a conscious journey to the Center within you and you want a healthy, rock solid Inner Growth. Sanity is the goal - and not insanity. THAT is already everywhere. My goal is to shift from insanity to sanity. And the shift needs to be sustainable. So balance must be achieved - and sustained. Being only on one side isn't doing any good. We ARE souls being born into human bodies - the job is therefore to combine both, the Inner AND Outer World. And best, if BOTH worlds are balanced. Constantly. Respective we are able to rebalance - in a very natural and easy way.


Therefore, if you have chosen to embark on your personal journey to the Life within, I will empower you as much it is possible for me. In this case, in order to create a rock solid foundation, I want you to become more knowledgeable about the many different forms of creative self-expression AND the many different creative materials out there.


And so, in today's Blog Post I'll present you



One of THE easiest ways to start your own personal creative self-expression journey is to just buy some BIG paper and some colorful oil pastels. I consciously have chosen oil pastels as first option and NOT coloring pencils, because I find oil pastels WAY EASIER AND SO MUCH MORE FUN than the traditional coloring pencils.


I want to have FUN.

I want to tap into that precious CHILD JOY. 

I want to see and have FANTASTIC colors.

I want to ENJOY the painting/expressive process.


And in my opinion, every creative self-expression should be (especially at the beginning) like THAT. And even though the coloring pencils are beautiful, they are just TOO controlled for me. Too narrow, Too fragile. Plus, they leave a too small impact on the paper when painting. *I-do-not-like-this-at-all-😝*



A creative and spatial generosity is what i want!

a big paper is what i want.
fun fun crayons is what I want.
being a big child is what i want.



We have been restricted way TOO long - so I am SURELY not going to continue THAT on the conscious journey to myself. Ha!


Therefore here my FIRST recommendation for your personal creative self-expression:



big paper and OIL PASTELS

Now let's get started with the knowledgeable part about oil pastels 🎨💪🏻🚀

Did you know...


... that oil pastels are pigments mixed with a non-drying binder to create a soft, easily blended slightly greasy stick (check my hand 👇🏻). The binder is non-drying because it is made up of mineral oils and waxes so the oil pastels never really dry.


... that oil pastels work on ALL kind of surfaces like on paper, on canvas, on stone, on metal, on glass or any surface you would like to try out. The versatility of oil pastels makes their usage therefore soooo broad and unique. I LIKE that very much. I find that the more a creative medium is versatile the better - cause if I am going to invest my money into a specific item (and in this case a creative medium) I want to be sure, that it's a GOOD investment. So the versatility of the oil pastels gives me SOO much more for the money as for example coloring pencils that are waaaay less broad to use. Voilà, and here a sneak peak on how I manage my money.


So. If you are a big kid or a small kid, oil pastels are THE way to go 🎨💪🏻🚀🎉

Did you know...


... that the first-ever invented oil pastel that combined oil and pigment happened back in 1924 and namely in Japan by the company called then called Sakura Cray-Pas (today Sakura Color Products Corporation) Yep. In Japan!


The invention of this at that time new kind of crayon was induced by the Japanese artist Kanae Yamamoto who at the end of World War I proposed a change of the Japanese education system: A less restraining system he wanted. And as an artist he was all about "learning without a teacher".


And as you know, I am ALL about learning without a teacher! My entire work is ALL about learning without a teacher. ALL is within us. We just need to learn to access that immense fountain of wisdom! Ha!


I would have loved to meet that guy! 





So much for what oil pastels are 🤗🎉🎨💪🏻


If what you have read till here, has pleased you and you feel now inspired to start (or continue) your creative self-expression with oil pastels here  


1.  an overview of what you need plus

2. an shopping list I've created for you in case you want to go shop oil pastels online

"what-you-need LIST"

1. Big sheet of paper(s)
at least A3 paper 

2. oil pastels
Start with Sakura Cray-pas 😍🎨🖍🎉

WITH paper & oil pastels

In this → Blog Post I present you my recommended shopping list for oil pastels. I've put together a selected list of oil pastels so that you - depending on what you want and need, depending on your budget, depending on soo many things I have no idea you have to consider for your own life - can make a good decision and start (or continue) your creative self-expression journey 🤗👛🎨😍





💰 -💰💰💰



Level of Difficulty


Level of Possible Creative Self-Expression 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
Courage Required

💪🏻  - 💪🏻💪🏻

Time Required

🕖 - 🕖🕖

Organization Required




 Did you learn something from this Blog Post?

Yes? No? Tell me 👇🏻


 Did you try this creative self-expression form?
What was your experience?

Did you enjoy it? Yes? No?

Write it down 👇🏻



In the meantime,

with love,







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