my plants

an indoor paradise with 350+ Plants

propagated with much love
from my private collection


I am inspirational artist, a devoted inner explorer AND a loving plant mom.


Besides surrendering regularly to my inspiration, emerging into the vast world of colors, creating paintings, making the landscapes from the Inner World visible and exploring the depths of those Inner Landscapes, I also take care of my a wonderful and rather voluminous plant collection.


I have been collecting and surrounding myself with plants for the past 20 years. In every home I've lived, in every office I've worked - where I am, there are a ton of plants 😊 And now that I live AND work at home, my private plant collection has become my big private indoor jungle 🌱 🌺 🌵  - an haven of peace for my soul.


Taking care of my plants, being surrounded by all that wonderful greenery, watching each and every one grow, creating with them a place where my being feels safe, beautiful and alive, is such a blessing.




Besides that, I am a mother hen and I if could, I would take care of the entire world (and fall apart sooner or later). And so, my plants give me the possibility to channel that immense nurturing energy within me. It seems that my plants love it. They grow soooo quick and sooo much 😳😂🤗


I am constantly hungry to learn, and plants have been wonderful teachers. There are sooo many funny, unique, special, wonderful plants - and I want to get to know as many as I can. I love to give them the best place, the most suitable pot, arrange for them the most loving neighbours, create the most suitable soil mix, nurture them in the best way possible - and when necessary to give them an adequate hair cut. Thoughtful propagation has become an essential part of taking care of my indoor garden.



I am sooo often in awe of how the Universe uses its creativity - there are sooo many different plants, sooo many different shapes, colors, sizes, requirements. I see therefore propagation as a highly responsible and almost sacred act. I am actually creating new life. Wow 😳  🌌


And I love to create new plant babies!

I love to create little art pieces with my plants and their babies.

But: Because I am not living in a huge mansion with a huge green house yet (hmpf!), in order to keep the indoor jungle in shape and our living space livable for plants AND humans, I have decided to create a new category in my online shop and to also offer plants to buy (psst... I only ship within Switzerland).


The listed plant bijous are young, small, big, huge, unique, common and sometimes also rare - all from my private plant collection.


My plant bijous are for those souls who are looking for THAT plant to add to their collection or to gift to someone precious to them. My plant bijous are for lovers of uniqueness, of beauty and long for that spark of personality that is sooooooo lacking in the mass production world (yes, also in the plant world - yak).


Each of my plant is an artwork in itself - thoughtfully propagated, beautifully grown and lovingly taken care by me.


I only sell well rooted and well established plants. 


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