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You know, I LOVE colors 💖And you know, I LOVE to create 🎨 And yet, selling original art is soo not sustainable. One painting for one person? Hä? "I have that painting and you don't!" What shitty scarcity-divisive-mentality is that? Yak. And absolutely not working for me. Instead of nourishing me, selling my original artwork has always depleted me. WTF?!? So what to do? My paintings are gorgeous. My artwork is soo beautiful. My paintings have SOO much to say. They're definitely meant to be shared! They definitely have a purpose! But one painting for one customer? Hell, no!


So I sat down. And created my online Free-School for Inner Exploration - a beautiful place full of gorgeous artwork, vibrant colors and heart & soul touching written translations and THE place for my paintings to work their magic: Helping you explore and research your Inner Landscapes in a gentle, beautiful way - entirely free!


That way, ANYONE who wants to dive into the gorgeous colors and layers of the paintings I'm bringing forth can actually do it!


And looking at the world and its "current" pandemic... well, my intuition was right. 100% digital it shall be baby 💪🏻


In the meantime another online school is in the pipeline 🎨🚀💪🏻💖 E-School for Recovering & Expressing your Inner Self is currently being born.


So. If my paintings touch you and you want to follow their calling, check out my online schools. One is free, the other one is paid. Choose what you need and then click on that button 💪🏻🎨🙋🏻

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