Veronica's School for your Emotions

E-SCHOOL - THE Gym for your Emotions!


What is Veronica's E-School?

E-School is an ongoing 12 months online school for sensitive, emotional rich and creative souls who seek self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-realization - who want to explore and research the life within themselves, who want to look at their emotions and integrate their emotional richness into their lives.


E-School is an online school based on self-selection, that is non-intrusive and which is in touch with the soul and the Inner World designed in a worldwide one of a kind, color- and artful way with the purpose to help you to go within in a fun, beautiful and playful way, to support you to explore, see and understand your inner landscapes, to help you to reshape your emotional status and to anchor emotional stability into your life.

As a result your ability to act will enhance, your quality and radius of life will extend.



with e-school you will be able to explore and research
your emotions, anchor emotional stability into your life,
develop a sold, non-judgmental relationship with yourself -
and by that enhance the quality of your life. 

How does E-School work?

E-School consists of three main elements:

1. An ongoing online SCHOOL with a new module every month. The duration of one enrollment is 12 months.

2. An ongoing growing online LIBRARY where all the former modules are listed.

3. An EMERGENCY KIT LIBRARY with a basic stock of 12 modules with over 100 paintings and its translations plus exclusive bonuses.


The core of a module is one painted and translated edition which consists of at least 5 paintings with an in-depth translation of the different layers. The translation is subdivided into the different color layers the edition was born with - usually one to two A4 pages.


The training consists of easy-to-follow exercises, where you will work with the paintings and their translations, dive into the colors, layers and its landscapes. Through the art you will be able to find a path within you - a gentle, beautiful and colorful path. You will contemplate, sense, feel, write, paint, draw, dance, cook, bake, gardening, cleaning... the exercises and the paintings will encourage you to express whatever you feel in any creative form of expression that suits you.


All of the training is online, contained in the private E-School member only site. Students can view the monthly training modules and both libraries.

E-School is here to be a safe, supportive, clear and beautiful place for your personal exploration of your Inner World, where you have access to the many, many, really many different paintings and their translation to consult and work with whenever you need and wish to. 


Plus E-School is constantly evolving and growing: Every month new modules are released. Yep. E.v.e.r.y. month. For als long as the program exists. Plus enrolled students have access to all former modules. Plus, you're an E-Schooler for life. All students have access to the emergency kit library with its stock of 12 modules with its over 100 paintings for as long as the program exists.


For more information on E-School, and to preview the curriculum, go to the Program Tour here.




Who should take Veronica Trombini's E-School?

E-School is for sensitive, emotional rich and creative souls who seek self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-realization - who want to explore the life within themselves, research and integrate their Inner World and emotional richness as an asset into their lives and fully blossom into who they really are.


Who teaches E-School?
E-School is led by Veronica Trombini, the founder of E-School and creator of every single painting and translation at E-School. 


For more information on Veronica and her work go to her curriculum here.





When does E-School start?

E-School doors are opening very, very soon - so get on the waitlist to be notified when we are openingAt E-School we believe that NOT making knowledge 24/7 available, is a crime against life and humanity itself. Therefore, from the moment we open our doors at E-School, our doors stay open. Every soul shall have the possibility to join E-School whenever she feels she is ready to join. No «Enroll now, cause we only open once a year». Pff. You want to enroll now. You enroll now. You don't want to enroll now. You don't enroll now. But. Our doors at E-School will stay open, for as long as the program exists.

What's the investment?
Are there payment plans?

The investment for one E-School enrollment and life time access to the Emergency Kit Library is $2222. We also offer a payment plan (12 monthly payments of $222).



What people say. The impact of the paintings and their translations.

I have come to experience that the paintings and their translations have their own way to speak to the viewer. Read here what others people have to say 

You're making it possible.

Deciding to invest in self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-realization and wanting to awaken into who you truly are is truly one of the most courageous decision a human being can do you're creating an e.s.s.e.n.t.i.a.l. and so needed change in this messy world. And when enrolling at E-School you're creating even more change. To honor your courageous decision, we currently invest 5%* of your E-School tuition in the following projects and charities. 

*after tax - and, the more students we have, the higher is the percentage we invest

WE'LL BE opening soon